How Krisp Calculates ROI metrics on dashboard?

Krisp enhances communication efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction in call centers, leading to a substantial return on investment (ROI). Savings accrue from reductions in headset and soundproofing expenses, increases in agent productivity through reductions in average handle time (AHT), and improved customer satisfaction.

We have designed an ROI calculator on our website which allows you to input your specific data and gain a preliminary understanding of the potential ROI Krisp could provide.

Additionally, we offer a rough approximation of our customers' ROI directly on the account dashboard, with a particular emphasis on productivity increases through AHT reductions.

Based on customer feedback and case studies such as Ibex and Startek, we have seen Krisp reduce AHT by as much as 10%, signifying a productivity increase of 10%.


How do ROI calculations work on Krisp dashboard?

Our ROI calculations on dashboard are as follows: Krisp's impact is greatest in noisy environments, as this is where the most significant noise reduction occurs. We determine whether calls are conducted in such environments and calculate the percentage of your calls that are affected.

For instance, if 50% of your calls occur in noisy environments, we project that Krisp could enhance agent productivity by 6%.
Refer to the benchmarks below for a better understanding: 

Noise Level <23% noise 23-44% noise 44-72% noise >72% noise
Estimated AHT Reduction  2%  4%  6%  8%

So, what does a 6% increase in agent productivity represent in monetary terms? If agents handle 6% more calls due to a decrease in AHT, it's equivalent to gaining an additional 6% of your workforce, thereby saving 6% of your agent salary expenses.

To calculate the financial gain from this 6% productivity increase, we use your location data and local call center agent salary benchmarks to approximate the average return per active user.

For example, if your team is based in India, where the average call agent's monthly salary is $376.83, a 6% saving equates to about $22.60. This equates to an ROI per active user of $22.60.

If you have a team of 200, your Maximum Achievable ROI would be 200 * $22.60, or $4,520. If only 40 seats used Krisp last month, your Potentially Realized ROI would be 40 * $22.60, or $904. Your Unrealized ROI Opportunity, therefore, would be the difference between the two, which is $4,520 - $904 = $3,616. This data is updated monthly based on your most recent usage.


Bear in mind, these are estimates and may not exactly reflect your team's circumstances. We've also employed a “round down to nearest” logic on the dashboard to signify these are approximations.
For a custom calculation, contact your Account Executive.

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