Connecting your Calendar to Krisp

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Users: users on Free, Pro plans
From version: Krisp 2.0.0


To learn more about how Krisp provides concise transcripts of your meetings and creates in-depth meeting notes, check out the AI Meeting Assistant article.

Connecting your calendar with Krisp improves the accuracy of your meeting transcripts and notes. This article will guide you through the integration process.


Connecting your Calendar

If you are a newly signed-up user, you’ll be asked to connect your calendar after you create an account and complete all the onboarding steps:



  • As of now, you can connect one calendar to your Krisp account. We'll only use the calendar data associated with the Gmail/Microsoft account that you selected while connecting the calendar to Krisp.
  • If you're using one Krisp account on multiple devices, the connected calendar will be visible on all those devices when you sign in to your Krisp account. 

Krisp asks for the following calendar accesses:

  • Calendar events: By accessing your calendar events, Krisp can match the meeting date/time with the date/time of the Transcripts, and use the calendar meeting name as the Transcript name. This helps you to identify the correct Transcript and keep track of your meetings.
  • Contacts and Directory: Krisp can detect that different people are speaking during the call. But, it doesn’t know speaker names. By getting access to the contacts or directory of the user, Krisp can replace generic labels like "Speaker 1, 2, etc." with real names. For now, it applies only to 1:1 meetings. This helps the user to identify who said what during the meeting.


To ensure your Meeting Notes and Transcripts are reflective of your industry-specific terminologies, we recommend creating your custom vocabulary. Check out more about the feature in this article.


Viewing and managing meetings in Krisp

After connecting your calendar, Krisp provides a unified interface to view and manage your meetings:


  • Meeting Visibility: All scheduled meetings, past and upcoming, are displayed in the Krisp app, allowing you to have a full view of your meeting timeline.
  • Joining meetings directly from Krisp: You can join meetings with a single click directly within the Krisp app.

  • Taskbar notifications for upcoming meetings: The menu bar will show the name of your next meeting and a countdown to its start.
  • Ongoing meeting time tracking: While in a meeting, Krisp shows how much time is left directly on your menu bar.
  • Recurring meeting management: Recurring meetings are clearly labeled on My Meetings page, enhancing your ability to track and manage them. When you open the transcript of a recurring meeting, you’ll see links to other instances of the meeting on the right panel, allowing for easy access to past sessions.

Control calendar events from Krisp Settings

You can control how your calendar events are displayed in the app, including the meeting title and the time remaining until it starts, via Krisp Settings:

calendar settings.png

Manage your calendar access

If you ever need to connect a new calendar to your Krisp account or revoke a connected calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Krisp account dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings >>> Calendar connection.
  3. Click the Disconnect button near your connected calendar.

  4. Now you can connect to a new calendar whenever you want.

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