Krisp Bot (Beta)

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on Pro plan
From version: Krisp 2.33.4

To enhance your meeting experience, you can now invite the AI Meeting Assistant Bot to join your meetings. This bot is designed to manage meeting transcriptions and recordings more efficiently.


Krisp Bot is still in Beta and will be continuously improved and enhanced with the upcoming releases.

Inviting Krisp Bot to your meeting

You can invite Krisp Bot to your meetings directly through the Krisp app. Before that, make sure you have enabled the Note Taker toggle from the app. Currently, the following meeting apps are supported for Bot:

  • Zoom
  • MS Teams
  • Slack


When inviting bot the the meeting, the meeting host must authorize its entry for it to join. Once done, the other meeting participants will see Krisp Bot as a separate meeting participant.

If you invite Krisp Bot in the midst of a meeting, any prior transcriptions and recordings will be discarded. This ensures that there is only one source of truth for the meeting's proceedings.

You can also revoke bot from the meeting anytime you want directly from the app.



The bot is designed to record and transcribe a single session without rejoining capabilities. To maintain data integrity and prevent multiple conflicting records, once the bot is removed from a meeting, it cannot rejoin that same session.


  • What happens if I accidentally remove Krisp Bot from a meeting? Once the bot is removed from a meeting, it cannot rejoin that session. The recordings and transcriptions up to that point will be unavailable, and you would need to rely on manual methods for the remainder of that meeting.
  • Can I use the bot in multiple meetings simultaneously? The bot can only join one meeting at a time. To assist in another meeting, you will need to invite it to the new session separately.
  • Is there a backup for the transcription and recordings if I switch to the bot in the middle of a meeting? No, switching to bot recording during a meeting will delete any previous local transcriptions and recordings. We recommend using the bot from the beginning of the meeting to ensure a complete record.


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