Krisp is not visible on Windows taskbar. What to do?

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There may be cases when you can't locate Krisp on your Windows taskbar. This guide will walk you through steps to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.


Check if Krisp is installed on your device

Go to Windows Search from Start Menu and type "Krisp" in the search bar. It should find and show the Krisp app.


Hit Enter to launch the app.

If Krisp doesn't appear in the Windows Search results, the app might not be installed on your device.

  • If you have admin rights for the device, check Install Krisp article for the installation steps.
  • If you don't have admin rights for your device, ask your administrator to install Krisp on it.


Check if Krisp is running on your device

Once Krisp is installed and launched on your Windows device, it will by default open on startup and always run in the background.

To know if Krisp is running on your device, check the taskbar in the lower right corner of your screen. If the Krisp icon is there, it means Krisp is running on your device.


Click on the up arrow to see all the icons. If Krisp is there, you can drag it to the taskbar and have it always visible to you.


If the Krisp icon is not there, it means the app is either not launched or not installed.

The icon state will hint to you if Krisp is ready to clean the background noise for you. Check the Krisp icon states in Krisp toolbar icons article.

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