Change subscription cycle for the personal account

This article explains how to change the monthly or yearly Personal Pro subscription cycle for the Krisp personal account.


Change the Pro subscription cycle

While being subscribed to the monthly cycle of the Pro plan, you can upgrade to the yearly cycle or cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription from your Krisp account dashboard.

Change the monthly cycle of the Pro subscription to yearly

  1. Sign in to your account dashboard on
  2. Go to Billing page >>> Plan Details.
  3. Click on the Switch button.

  4. Click Upgrade on the opened pop-up.



Your subscription plan will be changed to yearly, however, you won't be charged now. You will be charged for the yearly plan when your active monthly plan is over. Your next billing date will be the same day the following year.

Change the yearly cycle of the Pro subscription to monthly

You cannot change the yearly cycle to monthly from your account yet. These are due to technical obstacles. We are working on having that option implemented in the future. For now, if you wish to switch to the monthly cycle, please cancel your subscription as shown here. After the end of your billing cycle, your account will be downgraded and you will be able to subscribe to the monthly cycle.

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