Using a device-login team FAQ

Is Krisp installed and running on my device?

Check this guide to see if the Krisp app is correctly installed and running on your device.


The Krisp Microphone doesn't go to the "In use" state during the call. Why?

If you do not see the "in use" indication for the Krisp microphone while being in call, then the audio does not go through Krisp. Here is what you can do:

  1. Go to Settings >>> Sound on your Windows device. Check if Krisp microphone is selected as the Input device. That would mean that Krisp is currently the system default microphone for your Windows device.


  2. Go to the audio settings of your communication application. The microphone that is selected there should be named "System default", "Default" or "Same as system". That would mean that the app is using Krisp as the working microphone. See the example with the Zoom app settings:



Krisp app brings the Get Started screen.


If you open your Krisp app and see the Get Started screen, it means that the device-login team is not configured correctly.

To fix the issue, go to the following folder on your Windows device: C:\Program Files\Krisp

  1. If you see the team_secret.key file there, quit and start Krisp again.
  2. If the file is not there, contact your team admin and ask to copy it in the mentioned folder. Once that's done, quit and start Krisp again.

The specified Team is not found.


If you see the "The specified Team is not found." screen in your Krisp app, it means one of the two things:

  1. The team_secret.key file is incorrect and doesn't match any existing team.
  2. The team you have been part of has been deleted.

Contact your team admin so that they check the team-key file and confirm that the team exists. When the key file is corrected, press on Try again to enter your team.


The Team you are trying to sign-in has no empty seats.


If you see the "The Team you are trying to sign-in has no empty seats." screen in your Krisp app, it means there are no unassigned seats in your team at the moment. Contact your team admin and ask to add a seat. Once that's done, click on the Try again to join the team.


Your device has been blocked by the team administrator.


If you see the "Your device has been blocked by team administrator" screen on your Krisp app, it means your current device has been blocked from using the device-login team you were part of.

If you believe that your device should be unblocked, contact your team administrator and request an unblocking. Once that's done, click on Try again to re-join the team.

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