Cancel the subscription for your Krisp account

Who can use this feature?

Plan: Pro, Enterprise (only admins)
Managed from: account dashboard, Admin Dashboard

This article explains how to cancel the monthly or yearly subscription plan of your Krisp account.

To cancel the subscription:

  1. Sign in to your Krisp account dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings >>> Billing >>> Plan Details.
  3. Click on Manage Subscription >>> Downgrade to free plan.



While downgrading your account from the yearly plan, you will be given a special coupon code to use for future upgrades. Make sure to copy and save the coupon code.


Your account will not be downgraded immediately. You will still be able to use the plan features you paid for. Your account will be downgraded to the free plan at the end of the current cycle.

All the payments are not refundable unless otherwise stated in the Terms of Use.


What will happen to the team after unsubscribing?

If you have a team account, your teammates will continue using the Free plan and will have no option to upgrade. To continue to a paid plan, any admin of the team will have the option to re-subscribe.
If a teammate would like to continue with the Pro plan, they need to contact to delete their Krisp account so that they can sign up and upgrade their account plan.

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