Your Talk Time during a call with Krisp

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.30.10, Windows 1.37.6


Meeting Duration

Meeting Duration indicates how long your current call lasts. It starts to be counted when the Krisp Microphone is used in any communication application. The counter stops when the call ends or if you deselect Krisp Microphone from the communication app settings.

You can see this information on:

Mac Windows


Talk Time

Talk Time indicates how long you have been talking during the current call. It starts to be counted when the Krisp Microphone captures your voice. It pauses when you stop talking and goes on as you talk on.


If another person talks next to you and the Krisp Microphone captures their voice, it will still be counted as your Talk Time.

You can see your Talk Time on:

Mac Windows


To have more accurate Talk Time information: - turn on the Noise Cancellation toggle for the Krisp Microphone so no captured noise will be accidentally counted as your Talk time. - select the Krisp Speaker in the communication app to have Echo Cancellation. It will prevent the other call participants' voices from being captured by Krisp Microphone and added to your Talk Time.


Talk Time in the muted state

  • If you mute yourself from the Krisp app or the Krisp Widget, the Talk Time counter will stop.
  • If you mute yourself from the communication app, the Krisp Microphone will go on capturing your voice and counting your Talk Time.


Talk Ratio

Talk Ratio shows the ratio of your Talk Time compared to the Meeting Duration during the current call.

Talk Ratio = Talk Time * 100% / Meeting Duration

Mac Windows
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