Set up Zoom with Krisp

This article explains how you can make noiseless calls using Krisp with Zoom. All you need is a 2-sided configuration.

Mac Windows
  1. Select Krisp Microphone and/or Speaker to work in Zoom. For that, go to Zoom >>> Settings >>> Audio and change the Speaker/Microphone to Krisp. 

  2. Open Krisp and pick the physical microphone and speaker you wish to use and turn on Cancel Noise toggles.

  3. Start your noiseless call.


    The "Not used" indicator will be switched to "Used by" when there is an ongoing call.

Recommended setup in Zoom

To benefit the most from Krisp Noise Cancellation we recommend having the following setups in the Zoom Audio settings:

  • Choose Low from the Background noise suppression options.


The Low option does not affect the audio when using Krisp, as it has a low audio suppression level. The Medium and High options have high audio suppression levels. They may impact and suppress your voice during the stream when working along with the Krisp noise cancellation. That is why these options aren't recommended for selecting when using Krisp.

The following options in the Zoom settings do not affect the audio when using Krisp. It's up to you to have those enabled or disabled.

  • Automatically adjust microphone volume
  • Original sound for musicians


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