Krisp devices not shown in other apps

Who can face this issue?

Plan: users on all plans
OS: Mac, Windows

This article will help you fix the issue when Krisp Microphone and/or Krisp Speaker doesn't show up in the audio settings of your communication app.

Allowing the apps to access your microphone

Mac Windows

First, make sure that you are signed in to your Krisp desktop app.

If you don't see the Krisp Microphone in the apps you use it with on your Mac device, go to System Preferences >>> Security & Privacy >>> Privacy >>> Microphone and make sure allow the app you use to access your microphone.



Krisp devices being in an error state

Mac Windows

If you don't see Krisp Microphone or Krisp Speaker as devices in other apps on your Mac machine, check if you are signed in to the Krisp app.

If you are successfully signed in, but the devices still do not show up, check if the microphone or the speaker is in an error state:


In such a case, hover over the orange exclamation mark sign and follow the given instructions, if any.

If that doesn't help, try following these steps to solve the issue: 

  • Log out from your account and log in back.
  • Quit the Krisp app and start it again.
  • Uninstall and re-install the app.

If you are still unable to select Krisp Microphone or Krisp Speaker in other applications, send us a report from inside our app including the system information as it is shown here presenting the situation in the description field.

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