Test Noise Cancellation

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.3.5, Windows 1.2.4

You can test how Krisp blocks your background noise with the Test Noise Cancellation option. You simply need to make a short recording where the usual noises of your environment are present, listen to the noise-canceled result, and see how Krisp handles them.

Test the Noise Cancellation

Mac Windows

To test how Krisp cancels the noise:

  1. Open the Krisp app and click Test Noise Cancellation.

  2. Start your recording.



    For the optimal result, record at least 12-15 seconds. Make sure to talk during it.
  3. Listen to your original recording. Then enable the Krisp toggle to check the noise-canceled version.

    mac_test_1.png   mac_test_2.png

What to do if the noise is not canceled as expected?

If you notice that the noise/voice cancellation is not done correctly, you can send a report from the same window. Check the steps for that here.

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