Test Noise Cancellation

Who can use this feature?

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You can test how Krisp blocks your background noise with the Test Noise Cancellation option. You simply need to make a short recording where the usual noises of your environment are present, listen to the noise-canceled result, and see how Krisp handles them.

Test Noise Cancellation

Versions below 2.0.0 Versions 2.0.0 and above

To test how Krisp cancels the noise:

  1. Open the Krisp app and click Test Noise Cancellation.

  2. Start your recording.



    For the optimal result, record at least 12-15 seconds. Make sure to talk during it.
  3. Listen to your original recording. Then enable the Krisp toggle to check the noise-canceled version.

    mac_test_1.png   mac_test_2.png


The recording is being done locally. The audio data is not sent to or stored on clouds or servers. 


To cancel other people's voices, make sure to have Background Voice Cancellation active.


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