Configure SCIM with your Krisp team

Who can use this feature?

Plan: Enterprise (only admins)
Platform: Web
Managed from: Admin Dashboard
Other: IdP account admin privileges


Contact your Account Executive to have SCIM option enabled for your team account. To set up SCIM with your team account, you need to first have Krisp SSO configured with your IdP.


Configure SCIM with your team

Okta Azure
  1. Make sure that you have Okta SSO configured with your Krisp team.
  2. Go to your Admin Dashboard >>> Settings >>> Security >>> Authentication >>> Click on SCIM to open Configure SCIM panel.

  3. Turn on the Enable SCIM toggle.

  4. Go to your Okta dashboard >>> General settings of the Krisp SSO integration app >>> click Edit.

  5. Select SCIM as Provisioning option and click Save.

  6. A new Provisioning tab will be added to the navigation panel. Go to that tab and click Edit.

  7. Start filling in the fields:
    • SCIM connector base URL: copy the SCIM Endpoint from Krisp Configure SCIM settings to this field
    • Unique identifier field for users: email
    • Supported provisioning actions:
      - Import New Users and Profile Updates
      - Push New Users
      - Push Profile Updates
    • Authentication Mode: HTTP header
    • Authorization: copy the SCIM Token from Krisp Configure SCIM settings to this field

    Test the connector configuration to make sure that everything is set up correctly and click Save.

  8. After saving, a To App section will appear in the Provisioning settings. Go to that section. Click Edit.

  9. Enable the following options:
    • Create Users
    • Update User Attributes
    • Deactivate Users
    Click Save.



Assigning Krisp team users through SCIM

Okta Azure

After these configurations, you can assign users in the Okta dashboard and they will automatically be assigned to available seats in your Krisp team. 



The users won't need to additionally accept invitations.

The only thing they will need to do is:


Unassigning Krisp team users through SCIM

Okta Azure

If you remove an assigned user from your IdP account, or from the specific application, the user will be unassigned from the Krisp team as well.



You cannot assign or unassign users to your team from the Krisp team account dashboard whenever SCIM is enabled.

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