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To learn more about how Krisp provides concise transcripts of your meetings and creates in-depth meeting notes, check out the AI Meeting Assistant article.

The Custom Vocabulary feature refines your transcripts by accurately recognizing and including specialized words relevant to your field or industry. This article walks you through the steps to make the most of this feature.

Setting up your Custom Vocabulary

To improve the accuracy of your Transcripts and Meeting Notes, you can create a Custom Vocabulary that includes industry-specific words and terms. By adding your custom words to the vocabulary, Krisp will be able to detect them more accurately during your meetings.

To access your Vocabulary and add words:

  1. Sign in to your Krisp account dashboard.
  2. Go to My Vocabulary page.
  3. Enter your frequently used or industry-specific words and terms and click Add term.


    Transcripts and Meeting Notes only support the English language. When adding words, use English only and avoid including any symbols.


Words and terms added to your Custom Vocabulary will be reflected in Transcripts and Meeting Notes for future meetings only.


Krisp will highlight the words in your Transcript for which the confidence is low. Add those words to your Custom Vocabulary and Krisp will better recognize and accurately capture these words in future transcriptions.

To ensure your Meeting Notes and Transcripts are not just clear, but also deeply relevant to your calendar events, we recommend connecting your calendar with Krisp. Check out more about the feature in this article.

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