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To learn more about how Krisp provides concise transcripts of your meetings and creates in-depth meeting notes, check out the AI Meeting Assistant article.

After meetings, you have the option to invite participants to view, comment on, or edit the Recordings, Transcripts, and Meeting Notes. This feature streamlines the collaboration process between teams.

How to invite collaborators?

After a meeting, you will be automatically or manually redirected to the My Meetings page (you can manage the setting as mentioned here). Here, a pop-up will prompt you to invite collaborators. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the meeting you want to share.

    Group 3465975.png


    Users within the same workspace (with the same email domain) will have Can edit access by default. You can always change their access afterward as mentioned here.
  2. You can choose to share or not with the users out of your workspace and can choose their access right on the pop-up.
  3. Once done, click Invite to collaborate.

The meetings shared this way will appear on My Meetings page.


You can also choose Skip for now and get back to invitations whenever you want from your meeting page.

invite later.png

If you have already recorded/transcribed the same meeting session, and another participant shares the same meeting with you, you’ll see both of them under the same entry to avoid duplication in your meeting records.

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