Record and transcribe multilingual meetings (Beta)

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Users: Users on Pro Plan
From version: Krisp 2.30.4

This article will guide you on recording and transcribing your non-English calls using Krisp. Our transcription now supports 95+ languages alongside English, including Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Before going on, we recommend you check out AI Meeting Assistant and Recording your meetings with Krisp articles to learn more about the Recording and Transcription features.


Multilingual meeting transcriptions support is still in Beta and will be continuously improved and enhanced with the upcoming releases.

To transcribe your non-English calls, you need to record your calls with Krisp. For that, make sure to switch to Record mode in Krisp app.


If you haven't done that before starting your non-English call, Krisp will send you a notification for switching to recording mode.


After the call, we will prepare your transcription and email you. You will get the transcript link and can invite your teammates to collaborate.


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