Background Voice Cancellation

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.40.11, Windows 1.41.4
Admin control for the feature: from Business plan

Background Voice Cancellation removes all the other humans' voices and keeps only the main speaker's voice during online meetings.


What is needed to use the feature?

  1. To be in an enclosed area (meeting room, indoor cafe, house, etc.).
  2. Connect a headset device compatible with Background Voice Cancellation.
  3. Select that device as a microphone in the Krisp app.
  4. Select Krisp as a microphone in the communication application.
  5. Turn on the Cancel Noise toggle for the microphone in the Krisp app.

Background Voice Cancellation will be automatically activated once you start an online meeting and the icon will indicate its state.



What devices are compatible with Background Voice Cancellation?

Background Voice Cancellation is compatible with most headset devices. Krisp will automatically detect when your headset is compatible with Background Voice Cancellation and activate it. You will see the Background Voice Cancellation icon next to the compatible device:


If your device hasn't been automatically recognized by Krisp, you can manually activate the feature to work with that device. 


When using unrecognized devices with Background Voice Cancellation, the quality of voice or Noise Cancellation may be degraded.

To manually activate Background Voice Cancellation for an unrecognized device go to Preferences >>> Audio and check the Force activation box next to your device name.



Test Background Voice Cancellation before the call

To have the confidence that other people's voices are filtered out properly, you can test it before the actual call starts. Do either of the two:

  1. Open the Krisp Widget before the call. Have another person talk with you. See the soundbar not moving when the other person talks.
  2. Do a Noise Cancellation test. Have another person talk with you in the background. See that their voice is removed along with the background noise.

Turn off Background Voice Cancellation

If for some reason you need other people to be heard in your meeting, you can temporarily turn off Background Voice Cancellation. For that:

  1. Click on the Background Voice Cancellation icon in the Krisp app. Or go to Preferences >>> Audio.
  2. Select Always OFF under the Voice Cancellation.


The noise will still be canceled in your meetings, and the human voice will be kept by Krisp.

Control Background Voice Cancellation for team users

The team admin can decide if the team members should have the option to use the Background Voice Cancellation. The option is enabled by default.

To control the option:

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard on
  2. Go to the Settings page >>> Notifications.
  3. Check/uncheck the Allow users to enable Voice cancellation box.

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