Authentication error during sign-in

Who can face this issue?

Users: users on all plans
Platform: Mac, Windows, Web


Sometimes you might get an "Error during authentication: CODE xxxxxxxxx" error message on the upper right corner when trying to sign in to your Krisp web account. The sign-in process will fail.


Meanwhile, you'll see this screen on the Krisp app:




There might be different scenarios causing the issue. The below-mentioned workaround would help to fix the issue.

  1. Sign out from your Krisp web account.
  2. Quit the Krisp app.

  3. Open Krisp app and try logging in again.

After completing the mentioned steps, you'll be redirected to your default browser, where you can successfully log in to your Krisp web account.


If the problem persists

If the mentioned steps don't help and you're getting the same error, send us a report from your Krisp on Mac/Windows as mentioned here.

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