What is Krisp?

Krisp is a noise cancellation desktop application. It makes your online calls noiseless thus helping you become a better communicator. It removes the noise coming to you from other call participants, and the noise going from you to them.

Krisp works smoothly in real-time, so your calls are uninterrupted and completely noiseless.

Initially, Krisp used to remove any background noise but keep the human voice without distinguishing the speakers. Now on Windows, it's also possible to have Voice Cancellation - the voices that are categorically different from the main speaker's voice will be cancelled along with the noise. We plan to have the feature available on Mac as well in the future. 

Krisp is not intended for post-production use and for removing the noise from recorded audio.

Krisp never sends audio data from your machine to its servers. All the processing happens on the local device. Check this article for more information about data storage.

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