My Meetings page in account dashboard

Who can use this?

Users: users on Free, Pro plans
From version: Krisp 2.0.0

To learn more about how Krisp provides concise transcripts of your meetings and creates in-depth meeting notes, check out the AI Meeting Assistant article.

You can access the My Meetings page from the left sidebar of your Account dashboard or from Krisp app by clicking My Meetings:


There you can find all your Transcripts and already generated Meeting Notes with dates and call durations.

How to generate Meeting Notes from Transcripts?

To generate Meeting Notes from your Transcripts, select the Transcript and click Summarize.  You will get Detailed Summary of your Transcripts as soon as your notes are generated.


To add action items, click Add action items on your Notes page. Action items will be added above your Meeting Notes:


You can edit the action items by adding Due date, Priority and Assignee.



There are no quantitative limitations for both Free and Pro plan users when it comes to adding action items.

To generate a Short Summary, click Short Summary on your Notes page. Short Summary will be added above your Meeting Notes:


Meeting Notes templates

Meeting Notes are available in two templates:

  • Short Summary: provides an agenda of topics for further discussion.
  • Detailed Summary: default template of Meeting Notes when you Summarize Transcripts.  Provides an extended list of the details discussed during the call.

You can re-generate your Action Items, Short Summary and Detailed Summary by clicking on Regenerate button:



Regenerating Detailed Summary and Short Summary deducts credit from the Meeting Notes balance for free users, however, regenerating Action Items does not.

Managing Transcripts and Meeting Notes

You can perform the following actions with your Transcripts and Meeting Notes:

    • Filter Transcripts - Filter the Transcripts that have generated Notes and apply a date range on the filtration.
    • See Timeline and Talk Time of speakers - By clicking on the timeline bar you can browse speakers, see Talk Times, select sections and easily navigate through the Transcript.
    • Assign the speakers- By clicking on the speakers' icons, you can assign all the speakers and get enhanced Transcripts, Meeting notes and Action Items.


When your Calendar is connected to your Krisp account, the names of meeting participants will be retrieved from it for a more precise representation in the Transcripts.

    • Download Transcript - The downloaded .TXT file will contain the timestamps and speech of each speaker.
    • Edit Note - Modify the generated Note with basic editing tools.

    • Share Note- Share the Note with your Krisp team members and Meeting participants with a few clicks. Check out more in this article.
    • Copy Note - The copied Note contains the text of the Note and a public link to it.


      Copying the Note makes it public. Make sure to Unshare it if you don’t intend to keep it public.
    • Delete Transcript and Note - Deleting the Transcript and the Note is an irrevocable action. They cannot be recovered in any way.

To ensure your Meeting Notes and Transcripts are not just clear, but also deeply relevant and reflective of the unique nuances of your conversations and industry-specific terminologies, check the following features:

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