AI Meeting Assistant FAQ

Who can use this?

Users: users on Free, Pro plans
From version: Mac 2.0.0, Windows 2.0.0

Check out this article to learn more about AI Meeting Assistant.


What are the prerequisites for getting a call Transcript?

  1. You should have at least a 5-minute call with a 1-minute accumulative speech to get a transcript after the call.
  2. For free users, the call must be in English as Transcription feature supports only English speech. If you have access to Krisp recording feature, you can record and transcribe multilingual meetings as described here

How many Transcripts and Meeting Notes can I get on the Free plan?

With the Free plan, you will get unlimited Transcripts and 2 Notes daily.


Regenerating Summary deducts credit from the Meeting Notes balance for free users, however, regenerating Action Items does not.


How many Transcripts and Meeting Notes can I get on the Pro plan?

With the Pro plan, you will get unlimited Transcripts and unlimited Meeting Notes.

Can I record my meetings on Free Plan?

Recording your meetings is available for Pro Plan users. Upgrade your account to access it and check out more about the feature in this article.

Can I record and transcribe my meetings on Pro Plan?

Yes, you can record and transcribe your meetings on our Pro Plan. Make sure to keep Record  feature active from Note Taker section of Krisp app. Check out more about the Recording feature in this article.


How do I pause/resume Transcription during an active call?

If for any reason you want to pause Transcription during an active call, click pause/resume icon in the Krisp app. 


If you turn off the Transcription during a call, you can not transcribe that meeting later. For those cases, make sure to use the pause function instead.



Can I permanently disable the Transcription of my calls?

To ensure that the Transcription feature is disabled for your calls, turn off the Note Taker and leave it off at all times.



Can I use Transcripts and Meeting Notes without the Noise Cancellation feature?

Yes, you can use Transcripts and Meeting Notes without using the Noise Cancellation feature. All you need to do is have Krisp set up with your calling app.

Check out this article to learn more about how to set up Krisp.


Why connect my calendar with Krisp?

We recommend connecting Krisp to your calendar when using Transcripts and Meeting Notes as it will give Krisp access to your calendar events and contacts.

  • Calendar Events: By accessing your calendar events, Krisp can match the meeting date/time with the date/time of the Transcripts and use the calendar meeting name as the Transcript name.
  • Contacts and Directory: By getting access to the contacts or directory of the user, Krisp can replace generic labels like "Speaker 1, 2, etc." with real names. For now, this only applies to 1:1 meetings.

Check out this article to learn more about how to connect your calendar with Krisp.


Can I connect multiple calendars with Krisp?

As of now, that is not possible. We'll only use the calendar data associated with the Gmail/Microsoft account that you selected while connecting the calendar to Krisp.

If the meeting is not on my calendar, will I get Transcripts?

Yes, you will get Transcripts for all the ad-hoc meetings you had with Krisp. For meetings that are out of your calendar, you will need to manually assign speakers.

Why is setting up Krisp Speaker important for Transcripts and Meeting Notes?

If Krisp Speaker isn’t set up with your calling app, only your speech will be transcribed, and not the speeches of other participants. Therefore, Transcripts and Meeting Notes might be inaccurate. 

We recommend setting up your speaker with Krisp as shown in this article.


Does Krisp store my voice data, Transcripts, or Meeting Notes?

Krisp does not have access to or store any audio data, except we store voice content on our servers when the Krisp Recording feature is ON. Except, as provided herein, the company processes microphone/speaker audio data only on users's devices and the company does not have access to the content of customer and authorized user conversations.

Check Krisp Security and Privacy Policy pages for more details.


Are Krisp Meeting Notes GDPR compliant?

Krisp Meeting Notes are GDPR compliant. We collect and process personal data based on your consent. You can exercise all your rights under GDPR by sending an email to More info can be found on Krisp’s Privacy Policy page.


What happens when I delete my Transcripts or Meeting Notes?

When you delete your Transcripts or Meeting Notes, they are completely wiped from Krisp’s infrastructure.

Do I need to invite a Krisp account/user to a meeting in order to transcribe the meeting?

No, there's no need to invite a Krisp user or account to transcribe meetings. Krisp works with any meeting app, providing transcription in the background.


Can I delete part of the Transcript?

You will be able to delete speech from the Transcript by hovering over it. The deleted part will not appear in Gist and Summary.


Can I share my Meeting Notes with others?

You can share your Meeting Notes with your teammates anytime you want and revoke access in case of necessity. Check out Sharing your Meeting Notes article for more details.

Is it possible to upload a prerecorded file to get Transcripts and Meeting Notes?

Unfortunately, the option to upload prerecorded files for getting Transcripts and Meeting Notes is not available.

Error messages and their explanations

We encountered an issue with loading this Transcript

Whenever you get the following error message “We encountered an issue with loading this Transcript”, refresh the page and try accessing your Meeting Transcripts a bit later. If this doesn't help, report the problem and our Support Team will provide further assistance.


Meeting Notes feature encountered an issue

Whenever you get the following error message “Meeting Notes feature encountered an issue”, restart and try to retrieve the Meeting Notes for your next call. If this doesn't help, report the problem and our Support Team will provide further assistance.


Looks like you don’t have permission to view the Transcript & Notes of this call

If you’re getting the following message while trying to view Transcripts or Meeting Notes, this means that the Transcript you are viewing is not publicly shared.

The owner has either unshared it, or they have copied the transcript link from their browser window without making the transcript public first.

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