Settings page in Admin Dashboard

Who can use this?

From plan: Enterprise (only admins)

Settings page gives an overview of the current setup of your team and allows you to make adjustments.

To access the team settings page, you need to sign in to your Krisp account and click Settings on the left panel.


The page has 4 tabs:

The team admin can control the team members' access to different Krisp features from those tabs.


  • The controls will take effect when users are logged in to that specific team account in the Krisp app.
  • Each of these controls may affect users on specific platforms. Check the platform icon(s) next to the control to see users on which platforms will be affected.


There are 4 sections in this tab:

Version Updates

You may find the following controls in this section:

System Preferences
Audio Devices

The team admin can decide Background Voice Cancellation state for audio devices used by  team members.
Check Control audio devices Voice Cancellation state at your team level for more details.



There are 3 sections in this tab:


You may change your team name from this control:


Noise Cancellation


There are 3 sections in this tab.

    1. Enable Session duration


      The option is disabled by default. For additional security, you can set a custom limitation on how long your team members stay signed in to the Krisp app and their Krisp account dashboard. This time period is called Session duration and can be controlled from the Security section.
      If you check this box and choose one of the options, the users will automatically be logged out from the Krisp app and their Krisp account dashboard after the set period. This control also gives the chance to match the IdP and Krisp app/account dashboard Session duration if you set up SSO/SCIM for your team.
      If you uncheck the box, the default Session duration logic works, and the users will automatically be logged out:
      • from the Krisp account dashboard after 30 days regardless of their activity..
      • from the Krisp app after 30 days of inactivity.
    2. SAML
      Check the Getting started with Krisp SSO article for more info.
    3. SCIM
      The option is available for the Enterprise plan accounts. Contact your Account Executive if you want to activate SCIM for your account.
      Check the Using SCIM for automated user managementfor more info.
    4. Enforce SSO
      If you check the box, all the admins and users of your team will be forced to sign in with SSO.
      Check the Enforce SSO option for the team account article for more info.



Check the Verify your domain article for more info.


The option is available for the Enterprise plan accounts. Use this API for effortless team management. Streamline operations for large teams with thousands of users by automating common tasks like seat management, user invitations, and team monitoring.


The team admin can decide which notification team members can get from Krisp.
Check out the Krisp notifications article for more details about this control.

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